The Directive Ecodesign 2022

The directive Ecodesign 2022 : what does it imply for our planet?

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SÛTI Poêles à pellets design

The CE Certification

The CE marking has been ensuring for many years that the products available on the market are of good quality and do not present any risks for the users (normal use). The Ecodesign 2022 label completes this certification and aims at improving the life of European consumers.

SÛTI Poêles à pellets design

Sûti performances:

The Directive Ecodesign 2022

The European directive Ecodesign 2022 aims to support the design of products that combine energy efficiency and rational use of resources in order to better respect the environment.

Consequently, this directive must be applied in all European Union countries as well as in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Thus, Ecodesign 2022 imposes an energy label on each appliance in order to help consumers more effectively when they wish to compare several pieces of equipment.

Therefore, from 2022 onwards, the energy label already in place will be supplemented by the mention and labelling of environmental performance. To this end, the quantity of polluting substances emitted during combustion will be taken into account.

From 1 January 2022, all heating systems, whether wood-fired or individual, will have to have this label in order to be placed on the European market.

Sûti’s commitment:

- All our stoves already comply with the ECODESIGN 2022 directive.

Information you find on the label

Current label

When the environmental label is applied, the following information will also be visible:

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How is calculated the grade attributed by the label?

Elements taken into account:

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If you are willing to switch to Ecodesign 2022, Sûti is what you need!