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Frequently asked questions about Sûti pellet stoves

Go through the frequently asked questions – FAQ Sûti. Do you have a question about your Sûti stove? Chances are the answer is below.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us or your authorised dealer.

Storage of pellets

How to store your pellet bags properly?

Always keep 3 to 4 bags of pellets at room temperature. This not only increases the outcome and reduces soiling and moisture, but also prevents condensation and dust formation in very cold weather.
It is important to store the pellet in a dry room away from moisture and to ensure that it never comes into contact with the floor or walls. We recommend using wooden pallets to keep a distance from these surfaces.

What should you pay attention to when you fill in the pellet tank?

It is important to always close the Sûti pellet stove tightly. The seal of the airtight trap may get worn or damaged with the fillings. It is important to replace it as soon as possible to prevent whitening of the combustion glass.

Which type of pellet should you use with Sûti stoves?

For a high-tech stove like Sûti, it is important to use wood pellets that will cause little clinker. To choose the type of pellet, you can refer to some standards. Sûti recommends EN plus A1 certified pellets.

If you change the brand of pellets or the pallet of pellets (batch), it is important to check the combustion carefully, because a batch of pellets is bound to come from a different forest plot and there is a good chance that the combustion will be different and produce clinker. This could cause operating problems for the Sûti stove and possibly other phenomena, such as dust…

Synoptic panel Sûti

Where is the Sûti synoptic panel / display?

The Sûti synoptic panel is removable; it can be put on a magnetic support so that you can move it to the back of the stove for example. For more information, please contact your Sûti dealer.

How can I turn on the LED lighting of my Sûti stove?

To switch on the LED lighting, simply press and hold for 2 seconds the icon represents a bulb on the synoptic panel. A single additional press varies the switching on and off of the LEDs. The LED lighting can also be controlled via the Sûti application, using the same icon on the home screen.

How can I remove an alarm?

From the synoptic panel, simply press the button ON/OFF  to remove the alarm. Be sure to consult your user’s manual or smartphone application to learn more about the indication of this alarm, and to follow the recommendations before removing it.

Remote Service

How does the remote after-sale service work?

Thanks to the Smartphone application Sûti, we can help you remotely to perform settings on your stove, even remotely.

Visit our Page Service 7/7 to find out more about this service and its procedure.

Sûti Thermostat

How to use the Sûti thermostat?

Discover the functioning and use of the Sûti thermostat in video.

How can I switch on my Sûti stove?

Sûti stoves operate following an ignition order.
The stove can operate according to a temperature demand or a programmable power demand.

Hierarchy of orders:
1. The application is the ‘master’ on any other command: either by the ON/OFF button or by programming the application in temperature or power (P1 to P5).

2. The thermostat: by a setpoint temperature higher than the room temperature. To turn it off, by a lower set temperature than the room temperature or OFF mode. However, it is possible to program powers (P1, P2, etc.) at specific times and to keep these powers.

3. The synoptic panel: via the button ON/OFF . The panel also displays which programming has been confirmed, i.e., in stand-by, we can read “thermostat programming” or “application programming”.

Caution: never use the application programming at the same time as the thermostat programming!!!! This will result in a non-recommended on/off conflict and opposite orders.

Caution: Never remove the power plug from the stove to turn it off. Always let the extinguishing phase run completely.

The display of my thermostat is blocked. What should I do?

– Remove the battery from the thermostat for a few seconds. Put the battery back into position and press for 5 seconds to RESET the thermostat.

– Replace the battery.

How can I switch off my Sûti stove with the thermostat?

To switch off your Sûti stove with the thermostat, simply press on the black parts of the thermostat and turn the orange wheel to either OFF or to a temperature below the temperature of the room.

Caution: Never remove the power plug from the stove to turn it off. Always allow the extinguishing phase to be completed completely.

The thermostat does not display the correct temperature. What can I do?

Check the values in the Thermostat submenu (see screenshot) and correct them if necessary. To access this screen, go to the Thermostat menu => Settings => Thermostat.

Menu Thermostat - Sûti

These manipulations are explained in the video on how to use the thermostat.

Stove combustion

The pellet falls next to the crucible. What can we do?

1. Make sure the crucible is properly positioned.  > See explanations of daily maintenance.
2. Check the level of the stove and increase the height of the front feet as much as possible.
3. Check the position of the cast iron plate. If the plate is not properly positioned, it is possible that the pellet may touch it slightly when it falls. > See explanations of the 500 kg- maintenance for the correct position.


How to properly maintain my pellet stove ?

To ensure proper operation of the stove and optimal combustion, it is necessary to maintain the stove regularly. 

Go to the Maintenance page for information on daily maintenance, 500 kg maintenance and annual maintenance.

How should I clean the glass of my Sûti stove?

Make sure to clean the glass of the cast iron door with clear water and when the glass is at room temperature.

The cast-iron door glass is whitening. What can I do?

Check the seal of the pellet trap and the seal of the cast iron plate and replace them if necessary.

Frequently asked questions about pellets

Can the pellet stove be used as the main heating system??

No. The wood pellet stove provides additional heating. Strategically placed in the main room, it can heat the living space and raise the temperature in adjacent rooms, but cannot support the entire house. Hence the importance of choosing the right location for this equipment.

Why use pellet?

The pellet is a fuel that has existed for several decades (50 years) and that is currently the most stable non-polluting fuel in terms of biofuel, provided that it meets the quality standards guaranteeing a constant calorific value.
This small pellet composed of sawdust has a calorific value of about 5Kw per kilo of pellets which is 2 to 3 times higher than the calorific value of firewood.
A recent Swedish study tells us that we can heat all Europeans by using wood waste, wood chips and wood while guaranteeing sustainable management of our forests. The European forest park is constantly growing, and there is more forest than in the Middle Ages. Each tree with a diameter of less than 25 cm has no market value because it can not be used in carpentry: 10% of the felled woods (thinning of young stands, etc.) are left on site and could be reused in biomass.

Why choose a pellet heating device?

Go to our Page Ecology & Economy to find out more about the 5 main reasons to choose pellet heating. 

What are the pellets made of?

The pellets consist of compressed noble sawdust, without any additives.


What is the consumption of a pellet stove?

1 kg of pellets = 5 KWH. The full tank capacity of the device allows a 30-hour autonomy.

Does the pellet stove produce lots of ashes?

The combustion of pellets yields only 1% of ash. The amount of waste is therefore minimal and therefore requires little maintenance. A simple vacuuming around the crucible is sufficient.

Will there always be pellets and at what price?

Pellet is a fuel in its own right. In Austria, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, 60% of new buildings are equipped with this heating system. It is a fuel of ecological future. In Europe, we have a lot of wood waste and at present a very small amount is recycled. As long as there is sunlight, there will be vegetation and therefore waste wood to be valued.

In Belgium the law obliged to replant every felled tree. As for the price of pellets, it is not subject to variations such as gas or oil. At present, its price is bound to decline, given the number of factories in Belgium, transport costs are reduced.

Is there a lot of dust?

No, the door of the stove must only open for maintenance (ash extraction and cleaning of the window), it is a closed combustion chamber, so there is no dust or soot or spark on the ground. Pouring a bag of pellets into the tank will not cause dirt. The pellet is a clean fuel, it does not smell, stain and can not explode.


Where can I buy pellets?

7 factories in Belgium produce pellets and new factories are appearing here and there. There are currently more than 230 factories in Europe.

How to store pellets?

The pellets are packed in waterproof bags and are easily stored in a dry place.


Is pellet heating economical?

The pellet stove is equipped with a thermostat. When the desired temperature is reached, the stove automatically decreases its consumption. Indeed, the screw will rotate more or less quickly according to need. Thus delivering the required amount of pellets to the combustion chamber.


What is the performance of a pellet stove?

A pellet stove has a outcome of +/- 87% (a wood stove represents a 65%  outcome), so almost all the heat is returned to the room. Our SÛTI pellet stoves have an average outcome of 94,6 %.


I do not have a chimney, what can I do?

The installation of a pellet stove does not require a chimney. A coring in an external wall. and a duct or a tight nozzle are sufficient (under the advice of a professional).

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