The Kit-Up

Your suspended pellet stove

Choose a suspended pellet stove with our KIT-UP option.

What if your pellet stove was not only useful, but also a design element of your interior?

Our S, U and I models are compatible with the Sûti KIT-UP option.

Don't wait any longer to combine design and comfort!

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

The Kit-Up option

The KIT-UP option allows you to perfectly combine the usefulness of our design pellet stoves with a more modern aesthetic.

In each kit is included:

– The wall bracket

– Galvanized grids adapted to the model

– The 1/1 scale plan

Installation of the Kit-Up

Our dealers, true specialists in the art of fire, will be happy to advise you and study with you the possibility of installing the KIT-UP in your home.

Good to know: to install a KIT-UP, it takes a full day to carry out all the steps: the layout of the installation plan, the drilling and the coring of the air intake and smoke exhaust, the installation of the kit up and chemical anchors (appropriate to the type of walls), the dismantling of the stove and installation on the KIT-UP. Finally, we finish by connecting the air intake and the chimney. Please note, it is important to check beforehand whether the wall is suitable for the KIT-UP installation criteria.

The Sûti certified technician will then take the time to explain the complete operation of the stove, its maintenance, the precautions and recommendations for use and will answer all your questions.

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The latest installations

Model UP1 with Kit-Up

For more information, please contact your nearest Sûti dealer.