Daily, 500 kg- & seasonal maintenance

Good maintenance not only improves the performance of your stove, but also keeps the equipment in good condition.

Discover in videos how to perform daily and 500 kg maintenance.

Daily maintenance

Monthly maintenance / after 500 kg

Seasonal maintenance

After each heating season, request a complete maintenance of your stove to an authorized professional in accordance with the current legislation. This person will have to carry out a complete cleaning and check the good functioning of the moving parts of the stove.

REMINDER : the seasonal/annual maintenance is compulsory for fire insurance.

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7/7 Service

Sûti Service is available 7 days a week from September to March, on site or remotely.

Discover the Remote after-sale service thanks to the Sûti Smarphone application. 

Frequently asked questions

Go to the Sûti FAQ page to find out the answers to the frequently asked questions about maintenance.