Options and accessories Sûti

Choosing elegance

Discover the options and accessories Sûti : canalisation, kit-up to suspend your stove onto the wall, air intake kit, electric kits and safety glass plate.

Canalisation Kit

All Sûti stoves can be ducted to heat an adjacent room:

– Canalisation fan
(compatible 8,5 kW – 9,5 kW – 11 kW)

– Canalisation kit in diameter 80
This kit includes a ventilation opening and 10 meters of insulated duct. 

Sûti | Design pellet stove
Sûti | Design pellet stove

Air intake kit

To ensure the good functioning of the device, a air intake is compulsory. 

The air intake kit includes a white flexible duct from 500 to 1500 mm  (inside diameter of 52 mm and outside diameter of 70 mm).

Kit Up

The KIT UP option is what you need to perfectly combine the utility of our design pellet stoves with a more modern aesthetic.

Our models S, U, I are compatible with the KIT UP. 

Each kit includes : 

  • – Wall bracket
  • – Galvanized grids corresponding to the model
  • – Installation drawing (scale 1:1).
Sûti | Design pellet stove
Sûti | Design pellet stove

Electric kits

No power ? No problem! All our design pellet stoves can function without electricity from the main electrical grid. 

In the event of a power cut (even micro cut), the stove continues to operate completely normally (same regulation, same ignition system, same standby or modulation mode, same extinction).

2 types of electric kits:

  • Anti blackout kit – with batteries.
  • Self-consumption kit – with solar panels and batteries.

Glass plate

Protect your floor (wooden flooring, carpet…) with a safety glass plate. 


– Dimensions : 90 x 70 cm
– Chamfered edges
– Rounded front side.

Sûti | Design pellet stove

Wooden base option

With the UP1 model, you can opt for a wooden base (left image) to cover the original steel base (right image). This is an option.

Choose the model that suits you!