Sûti, your ducted stove

Heat up several rooms with one single stove, even on separate floors? It’s possible with Sûti’s ducted stove and canalization option.

How does a ducted stove work?

Ducted stoves are the solution to heat several rooms of your house, even from an upper floor (for well-insulated houses). 

Heated air is diffused through connection pipes, enabling thus a harmonious temperature distribution.

Main zone and secondary zone

A ducted stove will therefore heat a main zone (the room where the stove is) and one or several secondary zones. 

In this example, the living room is the main zone, and the secondary zone is the bedroom. 

Please note: Pellet stoves are additional heaters. Strategically placed in the main room, it can heat the living space and raise the temperature in adjacent rooms, but cannot support the entire house. Hence the importance of choosing the right location for this equipment.

Heat up several rooms with your Sûti ducted stove

Number of fans:

All Sûti stoves and powers ( 8,5kW, 9,5kW et 11kW) can be ducted in option. An extra fan will be added to your stove.

Ducted power:

In a ducted stove, the power distribution between the main fan and the secondary fan is asymmetrical. 

It is therefore recommended to choose a stove with a higher power, in order to better distribute the kW (heat) between the rooms to be heated. 

See the graph below. 

Ducted stove sketch

The canalization fan can be added in option, even after your stove is installed. 

Space-saving ducts (80 mm diameter) convey hot air up to a distance of 10 meters.

Technical details:


Three functioning modes:

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

1 - Canalization fan: OFF

2 -Canalization fan: AUTO

3 -Canalization fan : MANUAL

Length of ducted pipes

For efficient heat diffusion and best results, ducts should follow a direct path and be as short as possible. For example, heat the room at the back of the stove or the room directly above it at a distance of up to 10m.

Calculation : pressure drop in canalization

The performances of a fan in a canalization are affected by the pressure drop.
We can distinguish between two types of pressure drops:

Performances results analisys

Poêles à pellets design Sûti
Poêles à pellets design Sûti


The most important losses about performances and temperatures appear in first 5 meters.
In the second part (6-10 meters), the differences are smaller.

Our canalization option

All Sûti models and powers can be ducted in option.

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