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Latest Sûti installations

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Sûti Electric kits

Our kits:

No power? No problem! All our design pellet stoves can operate without electricity supplied by the network.

Thanks to its 2 minutes ignition phase, an electrical consumption of 39w, its A ++ performance, Sûti is already meeting the Ecodesign 2022 standards.

Sûti has developed not one, but two solutions just for you … Discover Sûti’s electric kits.

Kit Up

Your suspended design pellet stove

What if in addition to being useful, your pellet stove was also a design element in your interior? Our S, U and I models are compatible with the Sûti KIT-UP.

Don’t wait any longer to combine design and comfort! Discover the kit-up!

Sûti videos

Discover the Sûti pellet stoves , made in Belgium, on our YouTube Channel. 

Presentation of the brand | Production stages | Story behind Sûti | Maintenance steps | …

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