Sûti thermostat

The smart thermostat is connected to your Sûti stove and enables you to manage the ignition and extinction of your stove, as well as the thermostatic programming and some settings. 

This is not an option! You automatically benefit from all Sûti technologies with your Sûti stove. 

Sûti thermostat


The thermostat manages the ignition and extinction of your pellet stove & boiler or hot water circulating pump.

It enables you to choose a thermostatic programming with 4 different temperatures at different hours.

It works according 3 functioning modes:

Discover how it works in video!

Characteristics of the thermostat

Technical details
Save more than 40%!

SÛTI thermostat can be connected to a relay that controls your heating system (optional). 

The thermostat reads the temperature of the room where it is located and sends information to the pellet stove Sûti and to the boiler in order to use in priority the less expensive fuel…  (pellet is 30% less expensive than oil in Belgium and 40% less in France!) We therefore optimize the savings, from 10 to 25 % more, meaning a total saving of more than 40% thanks to Sûti! 

Your savings in %

1 %

According to the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the use of a room thermostat enables energy savings of up to 25% of overall consumption.

1 %

Control precisely the temperature in your home and save energy.

How to use the thermostat

The use of the Sûti thermostat is very intuitive : turn the circle to go through the menus and press  or press and hold to choose. 

Discover how to use it in video


Do you have questions about your Sûti thermostat? You can probably find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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