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Design pellet stove


Welcome to the mix of style and utility !
The TP1 exudes a « robust » side, taking full place in your space. We like its storage space that can store 4 pellets bags. Imagine : no need to go down to the basement, to find some space in your storage room… Yes, SÛTI thinks everything through!
This pellet stove, which recalls the T of SÛTI, is a certain value for a timeless taste.
A Led light at the back of the stove projects on the wall, in winter and in summer, an ambient lighting.
Just what you need to spend perfect relaxing evenings.

Currently not available


Steel - Stone - Glass (black/white/burgundy)

Canalisation option

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

All our models (SP1, ÛP1, TP1 et IP1) and powers (8,5 kW, 9,5 kW et 11 kW) can be ducted.

Insulated duct in diameter 80; max. 4,5 m long and 2 elbows.

Technical details

Sûti technologies


Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Eco Stop

This function allows the unit to turn on or off at a desired temperature.

Weekly thermostatic programming

Choose at what time your stove will turn on and off. Various ignitions and extinctions are possible and you can set the desired temperatures.

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Sûti Thermostat

The smart thermostat helps you to manage completely your stove (ignition, extinction, programming) and in option, a relay-system can control your central heating.


Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Heating body and crucible

5-year warranty on the cast iron heating body & crucible (under conditions)

Poêles à pellets design Sûti


3-year warranty on electronics (under conditions) 

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Ignition candle

Quartz ignition candle: quicker ignition and greater lifespan (100.000 ignitions). 3-year warranty (under conditions).


Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Fan deactivated in P1 - P2 - P3

Very silent fan that can be deactivated in powers 1, 2 and 3. 

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Brushless auger motor

Brushless auger motor 0 dB for an economic and silent stove. Anti-blocking system. 

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Canalisation option

All models and powers can be canalised in option to heat an adjacent room.


Poêles à pellets design Sûti

SÛTI Burn System

System that adapts the consumption of the
pellet according to its quality and the atmospheric conditions, and the fouling.

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Automatic mode

Function allowing the stove to modulate its power according to a requested temperature and decrease in power when the temperature is reached.

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Clean Smoke

Thanks to the triple combustion and to the fine particles filter, the stove has an optimum combustion.


Poêles à pellets design Sûti

LED lighting

LED lighting projected onto the wall, for a cosy atmosphere in winter and summer. 

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Kit Up

Option to fix your stove onto the wall (models S, U, I). 


Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Sûti application

Smartphone management with SÛTI-APP that works as an Interactive User Manual. Control your stove remotely thanks to your Smartphone or tablet. Available on Android and iOS. 

Poêles à pellets design Sûti

Remote service

Thanks to your Internet connection and the IP address of your stove, we can help you remotely and in real-time to adjust settings.

And many more...


All our products are airtight and available in 8,5 kW 9,5 kW or 11 kW


Auto-cleaning glass with easy access for maintenance. 


Large capacity (1 week)


+/- 23kg


7/7 Service from September to March and possibility to require help remotely thanks to the application Sûti. Spare parts identical for all models. 


Fine particles filter : baffle system that enables to limit the fine particles in the atmosphere.  Belgian law < 30mg/Nm³. 
Maintenance required once a year or after 2000 kg burnt.


Multi-position touch-screen that can be put on the right or left side of the stove, or hidden at the back.


Complete assembly performed in Belgium. All components are European.




Average nominal output of 94,6 %


Environmental Performance Index (France): I = 0,07

 I’ = 0.098

Heating capacity & Pellet consumption

3 – 8.5 kW

3 – 9.5 kW

3 – 11 kW

Heating capacity according to the building insulation (max)

210 m³

257 m³

311 m³

Pellets consumption (min/max)

500 g/h | 1.87 kg/h

500 g/h | 2.07 kg/h

500 g/h | 2.39 kg/h

This product is not suitable for primary heating purposes


Dimensions, Principle sketch


Discover the Sûti stoves in videos

Presentation of Sûti

Production stages

Watch all our videos on our  Youtube Channel Sûti Design & Utility.

S for Silence...

Enjoy a noiseless flame thanks to SÛTI’s SILENT MODE! The sound level of Sûti stoves only represents 34 dB!

Apart from its inaudible Brushless auger motor, SÛTI also presents a fan that can be disengaged in powers 1, 2 and 3. You therefore benefit from complete silence 95 % of the time!