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“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail” | Leonardo Da Vinci

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Benefit from subsidies to improve your home! (Belgium - France)

Only high-performance equipment (efficiency, polluting emissions, etc.) and installed by a professional are eligible for subsidies.

With the Sûti app, the technical service provides a remote after-sales service 7 days a week from September to March (traditional hours). We can help you with the use of your stove, answer all your questions by connecting remotely to the stove..

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Manage your Sûti pellet stove entirely, thanks to our application and take advantage of its integrated interactive manual.
Using a pellet stove has never been easier!

Eco Design 2022​

If you want to switch to the Ecodesign 2022 standards ahead of time, Sûti stoves are for you!

The European Ecodesign regulations aim to support the design of products combining energy efficiency and rational use of resources in order to better respect the environment.

Sûti is studied, designed, tested, assembled and stored in Belgium and we work with the best specialized European companies.

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Beautiful stove, its line, its modernity, its elegance, a beautiful asset for your home.
Discreet by its silence and present by its warmth, it envelops you with a feeling of well-being… I highly recommend it.




Sûti, what a suitable name! I love the modern design and the technology of the stoves. 
Four models to be recommended.




I am delighted with my silent, elegant and design pellet stove. I have a 3 year warranty on the stove and 5 years on the cast iron, I can manage it with my phone … What’s best? It’s a Belgian brand! 





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